Friday, February 15, 2013

Sprout #16 now available (the FRIENDSHIP issue)

We walk together.

Sprout: Friendship (our sixteenth issue) frees friendship of labels and limitations, revealing a living kind of kinship that's possible now--just as you are. When our definition changes, we are free to celebrate connection of all kinds, found how and where we need it most--right in the middle of our messy-beautiful everyday lives.

Friendship no longer requires a prettied-up, polished, censored version of yourself (did it ever?). Meaningful connection invites the real and true you to come out of hiding, to drop pretense, to lower your defenses enough to see the real and true person looking back at you.

Join me (Amanda Fall) and eighteen guests in Sprout's latest colorful issue. In these sixty pages of art, poetry, essays, and much more, we explore kinship of all shapes and sizes. Brave, true, unafraid connection celebrates you + me + we--and holds space for all three.

Sprout online magazine: issue sixteen (seeds of friendship) is now available!

Redefine friendship with us in this vibrant issue: 

+ 60 full-color pages (PDF instant download)
+ original mixed media backgrounds
+ handwritten notes from me to you
+ art and photography
+ poetry
+ essays
+ Thrive interview (Mandy Steward and Teresa Robinson of The Art Journaler, Messy Canvas, and stargardener), Community Garden (Toni Ann Johnson, Sean Johnson, Amber Kelly-Anderson), Today I Will, much more
+ prompts to cultivate friendship in everyday life

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Issue 16 (Friendship):

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Guests in this issue:

Mandy Steward, Teresa Robinson, Liz Lamoreux, Kelly Barton, Amber Kelly-Anderson, Art Heifetz, Toni Ann Johnson, Brendan Sullivan, Richard King Perkins II, Jo Macdonald, Sean Johnson, suzanne l. vinson, Natasha Reilly, Maureen Helms Blake, De Jackson, Bo Mackison, Marcie Scudder, Julia Fehrenbacher

Thrive interview series: Mandy Steward and Teresa Robinson
Community Garden: Toni Ann Johnson, Sean Johnson, Amber Kelly-Anderson

Thank you so much for supporting Sprout. I believe in its mission with all my heart.
I want nothing more than for these love-filled pages to bless you. 

Purchase your copy here:
Issue 16 (Friendship):

Friendship + subscribe to upcoming issues:

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Join the conversation at our Facebook page, especially in our new forum, Community Garden (where you're invited to share your own answers to three questions relating to each issue's theme).

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