Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sprout magazine #26 now available (the BLESSING issue)

Bless. Be blessed.

What if we see through a filter of grace (including the face in our mirror)? What if we soften our steps, walking with compassion? What if we offer the respect and comfort we so desperately desire?

Smiles given to strangers. Words of kindness spoken. Gifts of grace when grudges would be so much easier. Wordless prayer, holding space for the ones we love (and ones we are yet to know), lighting a candle or breathing deeply, seeing ourselves and the whole world wrapped in light. Blessing waits here, in the giving and in the receiving, in the ripples of good we send outward.

Sprout magazine's 26th issue, Blessing, offers real connection and change through small, simple, everyday interactions. With each word, prayer, and kind thought--we, too, are lifted. Held. Comforted. The love you give is the love that will carry you.

Sprout online magazine: issue twenty-six (seeds of blessing) is now available!
Join me (Amanda Fall) and thirteen guests in this tender issue. Blessing's sixty color-soaked pages overflow with heartfelt poetry, essays, art, creative prompts, interviews, and more (PDF instant download). Find healing and hope even in grief and loss with Taslim Jaffer; listen as Liz Lamoreux reminds you we are never alone; send sweet wishes into the world with Lori Portka; accept "invisible hope / melting on tired tongue" with De Jackson's "Manna Morning"; leave secret love notes with Maureen Helms Blake; print and color your own blessing cards, created by suzanne l. vinson; join Kolleen Harrison's LOVEwild mission; connect with Sprout kindred from our Facebook and #sproutmag gathering; and much more.  

Purchase your copy here (only $6):
Issue 26 (Blessing) $6:

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Ease into blessing with us:

+ 60 full-color pages (PDF instant download)
+ original mixed media backgrounds
+ handwritten notes from me to you
+ art, photography, poetry, essays, prompts, interviews
+ Thrive interview (Taslim Jaffer), Community Garden (Liz Lamoreux, Lisa Hutchison, and Lori Portka), Today I Will, much more
+ creative prompts to cultivate blessing in everyday life

Guests in this issue:

Taslim Jaffer, Liz Lamoreux, Lori Portka, Kolleen Harrison, Lisa Hutchison, Art Heifetz, Maril Crabtree, suzanne l. vinson, Julia Fehrenbacher, Maureen Helms Blake, Marcie Scudder, De Jackson, and Natasha Reilly

Thrive interview series: Taslim Jaffer
Community Garden: Liz Lamoreux, Lisa Hutchison, Lori Portka

 Sprout is designed to uplift & inspire,
celebrating hope & healing even among life's bumps & bruises.
May these love-filled pages bless you. 
Purchase your copy here:
Issue 26 (Blessing) $6:

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